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Ecotricity is Britain’s greenest energy company. They only supply green electricity and carbon-neutralised gas, and are the only energy company certified as vegan by Viva! and The Vegan Society.

Ecotricity built their first windmill over 26 years ago and kicked off the green movement. As a not-for-profit company, they invest their profits back into building new sources of green energy – they call it turning “Bills into Mills”. They only build projects that can make a genuine contribution to ending fossil fuels in Britain.

Over the last 26 years, Ecotricity has built 74 windmills, spanning 24 wind parks up and down the country, and recently converted two of them into hybrid wind and sun parks – using the latest solar panel technology.

In 2023 they opened their first green gasmill, near Reading, which will generate 100% green gas from a source that will never run out – grass!

Their focus on energy is part of a wider vision for a zero-carbon Britain, as set out by their founder Dale Vince. They focus on four key areas – energy, transport, food and nature. It’s by changing what we do in these areas that we can make the greatest difference.

Join Ecotricity today and help create a greener Britain by saying no to fossil fuels.